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Chris Rutledge

Chris started his dance training at 19 in Alabama, by the renowned Lisa Lyndon. He has training in Tap, Jazz, and Ballet, but his professional career and passion lies in TapDance and Body Percussion.

Chris has co-choreographed and performed in tap shows for both Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland. He also helped co-write, co-produce, and co-choreograph performances and full length stage shows for the leading step/body percussion group MOLODI(mo.lah.dee), out of Las Vegas. Chris choreographed and was featured in a body percussion number called ‘Per Dono’ for Italian pop star Tiziano Ferro, which was featured in his world tour.

‘Hines/Pollock’ is an award winning performance art act he created in 2010 as ‘the TapArtist’, where paintings are made by tap dancing in paint on a canvas. Chris wrote a full stage show for his company ‘theFYVgroup’ called ‘FootPrints of a TapDancer’, which was well recieved, around LA and in the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Chris is a premier performer in the popular Holiday Show based out of Minneapolis, MN called “Who Brought The Humbug!?”, which will begin touring for the 2024 Christmas season. In the summer of 2019, Chris spent 4 months overseas in Turkey with All Stars Entertainment for a 5-Star Resort touring show as a performer.

He has been a judge/instructor for over 10 years with companies such as DEA, Dance Olympus, Canadian Dance Teachers Association, Starquest, Dance Talent Challenge, and currently with Spotlight! For 20 years, Chris has been sought-after internationally as an instructor and choreographer for competition, concert, and film purposes.

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