nico rubio

Chicago Native, Nico Rubio, is one of the leading Tap Dancers of his generation. The founder and director of Shuffle Liiife Productions and Tap company 333 (Three Thirty Three). Nico has traveled the world, teaching, performing and choreographing everywhere from Europe to Asia, Central America to South America. Appearing locally on Windy City Live and halftime for the Chicago Bulls, as well as abroad from UCLA’s Jazz Reggae Fest to the Beijing Contemporary Dance Festival.


In 2018, Nico received the Chicago Dancemakers Forum’s Lab Artist Award. In 2019, he choreographed, produced and even DJ’d By Way Of Taps: A J Dilla Tribute, which was performed at Columbia’s Dance Center, in Long Beach California, and premiered in full at Thalia Hall in Pilsen, IL. From 2020 to now, Nico has produced virtual and in person events via Shuffle Liiife, such as Shows, Jam, Workshops, and notably his Footage Functions that have furthered his contributions towards preserving where Tap has been, where it is now, and where it’s going. With everything he does, Nico’s mission is not just to expose the majesty and humanity of Tap Dancing and other art forms, but to highlight everyone’s infinite individual incandescence (light), via Shuffle Liiife.