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in due time

IN DUE TIME:  A Live Music & Tap Dance Tribute to The Dave Brubeck Quartet

features STL Rhythm Collaborative's professional companies, moSTLy TAP and moSTLy JAZZ, under the direction of Maria Majors.  It is a performing arts collaboration that is unique to the St. Louis area. Together the ensembles celebrate favorites from The Dave Brubeck Quartet catalogue and challenge the audience to follow their lead as they venture through the uncommon time signatures and bright tempos that made The Dave Brubeck Quartet noteworthy. 


In October 2021, STL Rhythm Collaborative presented the St. Louis premiere of IN DUE TIME:

A Live Music & Tap Dance Tribute to The Dave Brubeck Quartet. Since the production's premiere, it has been presented at The Wildey Theater in Edwardsville, IL and was commissioned to appear in Chicago Human Rhythm Project's renowned Rhythm World festival in July 2022. 

The 75 minute (sans intermission) production features choreography by internationally renowned choreographers including Anthony J. Russo, Christian Frommelt, and our very own Maria Majors, Tommy Wasiuta, and Megan Mayer.

  About The Dave Brubeck Quartet:

The Dave Brubeck Quartet featured Dave Brubeck (piano), Eugene Wright (bass), Joe Morello (drums), and Paul Desmond (alto sax). The musicians are best known for their experimentation with uncommon time signatures and polyrhythms.  The Quartet's most recognized track is "Take Five," released in 1959 on the "Time Out" album, which is one of the biggest selling jazz albums of all time. 

The production will take the stage one final time in April 2023.  The full production will be presented in partnership with Missouri Baptist University's dance program showcase, "Dancing In The Light." IN DUE TIME, in its entirety, will kick off the event. 

Don't miss your opportunity to experience IN DUE TIME!

Saturday, April 15, 2023:  7:30pm  Get Tickets

Sunday, April 16, 2023:  2:00pm  Get Tickets


Missouri Baptist University

1 College Park Drive

St. Louis, Missouri

IN DUE TIME is currently available to be presented at your venue or educational institution.  Our artists can present lecture demonstrations or community workshops in connection with the production.  For technical specifications and additional information, contact us at:


Support the production with the purchase of our IN DUE TIME apparel.  Visit our online fundraiser.

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“Like Bruebeck, the show is approachable for newcomers to tap dance and jazz music, but chock full of sophistication and rigor for those in the know.”  

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Our Conversations series introduces some of our cast and choreographers, discussing all things IN DUE TIME related, with special behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage. 

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