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Saturday,  October  2, 2021

"In Due Time,"  

A Live Music and Tap Dance Tribute to The Dave Brubeck Quartet

Performance Premiere

Featuring moSTLy TAP & moSTLy JAZZ with special guests

Robert G. Reim Theater

Kirkwood, MO

2 Shows

Show Times TBA

Tickets on sale June 2021

In the premiere of "In Due Time," moSTLy TAP & moSTLy JAZZ recreate some of The Dave Brubeck Quartet's most notable tunes from the "Time Out" album series, along with some other Brubeck favorites.


The Dave Brubeck Quartet featured Dave Brubeck (piano), Eugene Wright (bass), Joe Morello (drums), and Paul Desmond (alto sax). The musicians are best known for their experimentation with uncommon time signatures and polyrhythms in their tunes.  Their most recognized track as a quartet is "Take Five."

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